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Working With Edanz is Simple

We check your manuscript and provide a free quote.

We carefully match your manuscript to an expert who then edits your manuscript to international publication standards. 

Your edited files are returned to you within 2 business days.

If you make any changes before submitting to your target journal,  send your manuscript back  to us for a free 2nd edit.

Your submission-ready files are returned to you.

We also provide support during peer review and resubmission 

Proofread for grammar and other language issues

Edit for appropriateness of scientific terminology and wording

Edit to ensure the novelty and significance of your research are clearly communicated

We check the journal guidelines and provide comments to make sure you're in compliance

Cover Letter Development

Impress the journal editor with a professional cover letter that clearly communicates the importance and novelty of your manuscript.

Abstract Development

Impress the journal editor and future readers with a clear and elegant abstract.

Expert Scientific Review

Have an independent expert in your field give advice and recommendations about how to make your manuscript stronger and better so you can improve the content before submission.

Reviewer Recommendation

Make it easier for the journal editor to send your manuscript for review by providing potential reviewers.

Journal Selection

We will provide you with a list of 3 journals that are most likely to accept your manuscript, and give you details of the pros and cons of submitting to each.

Response Letter & Manuscript Check (Point-by-Point)

We check that your responses to the reviewers are correct and professional and that your revisions are appropriate.

Add-on Services

Trusted by researchers for 26+ years

100% Native-English Speaker Guarantee

All Edanz Expert editors are native-English speakers raised and educated in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. All experts hold a PhD holders or equivalent and have verifiable publication records, or have 3+ years experience as a dedicated scientific editor, or certified by an authority such as BELS. We are proud to be the only author services company to offer this level of quality and transparency.

Careful Matching

Every manuscript is carefully checked and assigned to a native-English speaker who is an expert in your field. Your expert not only has subject-matter understanding, they are experienced in writing and publishing papers. You can also request your preferred expert.

Caring & Knowledgable Bilingual Customer Support

Many of our customer support members have research backgrounds and have graduated from Japanese National Universities. They understand the needs of researchers and can offer support in both English and Japanese from start to publish. Call or email us with any questions you may have. 

Locally based with a global impact

We're based in Fukuoka. We work with top universities in Japan and around the globe and we’ve helped authors from more than 120 countries publish their findings in international journals.

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Write your manuscript online and collaborate with co-authors.



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Edanz Experts

Non PhD Holders

Must meet at least one of the following:

  • 3+ years experience as a dedicated scientific editor

  • Certified by authority such as BELS

All Edanz editors are native English speakers and are experts in their respective fields. Edanz editors are subject to stringent tests and ongoing training. We are the only author services provider that offers complete transparency - you always know who has edited your manuscript.

Native English Speakers

Verifiied native English speakers from "inner-circle" countries where English is the first/dominant language (e.g., US, UK, Australia).

PhD Holders

Holder of a PhD or equvalent, with a verifiable publication record.

Payment Methods

Precision editing by a native-English speaker who is an expert in your field

Expert English Editing

Reference editing is offered as an option

Free 2nd round of editing - your chance to  ask the editor questions about the edit



Dr Geraldine Echue obtained her PhD in Chemistry at the University of Bristol, UK. Her research focused on the preparation of functional nanomaterials using self-assembly techniques. After the completion of her PhD, Geraldine worked in the area of research development and funding at the University of Bristol and for the UK government.




Since 1995, Edanz has been making English research papers error-free, scientifically accurate, and ready for publication.  We personally assign you an experienced subject-matter expert who can help you reach your publication goals.   

Welcome to Edanz!

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Mon - Fri 9:30-18:00

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Only native-English speaking subject matter experts

Assistance & support from start to publish

Discounted editing rate for The Ecological Society of Japan researchers & students

Our client authors say... 

This was my first experience using Edanz and I was very impressed by all editing content, responses, price, etc. I have learnt that service varies so much from company to company. I would like to use Edanz again next time.

Medical doctor
Rehabilitation center in Fuchu city, Tokyo

The best thing about Edanz is that they not only edit my language, they also comment on the scientific quality. Valuable and extremely helpful advice. Even my statistician was impressed. 

PhD Student
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Thank you for your perfect job on my manuscript! 

Dr Glorio Matilde
Ospedale Civile Di Imperia, Italy

I would like to say that the paper I sent to Edanz for editing was successfully accepted. Thank you very much for careful editing and detailed advice.

Medical Doctor
Shinshu University

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